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Een fabriek bouwen in Roemenië Green Field Investment


Het potentieel van Roemenië voor directe buitenlandse investeringen (DBI) maakt een een veelbelovende groei door, zoals blijkt uit de toename van de inkomende DBI-stroom tot 11.273 miljoen USD in 2022 en de stijging van het aantal greenfield-investeringen tot 190 in hetzelfde jaar. Deze stijging wijst op een groeiend vertrouwen en een groeiende interesse van investeerders, waardoor Roemenië een aantrekkelijke bestemming wordt voor investeringsmogelijkheden, met name in de greenfieldsector.

Near shoring in construction design sector Romania


Near shoring in construction design sector Romania

Why open a transport company in Romania?


The current economic climate is highly favorable for the growth of the transport sector. Globalization, the emergence of new economies, and more recently the global pandemic, have increased the need for transport services across the whole economy. Companies such as restaurants, online stores, import-export businesses and large retailers rely on efficient goods transport and demand for this is now higher than ever. Because of this, opening a goods transport business in Romania can be a very profitable venture, as tax and insurance costs are comparatively low.

Company creation in romania made easy


With hundreds of companies established on behalf of our foreign clients, we offer the fastest and simplest option to set up Romanian companies at the lowest fees.

Moreover, such will be done by our professional lawyers, the only ones licensed in Romania to carry out a company formation. Your presence in Romania is not required.

We will draft all the necessary documentation, in bilingual Romanian-English so that you understand everything. You will only need to sign such documents  and soon your company will be up and running.



The individual employment contract is regulated by Law no. 53/2003 of the Labor Code.

An important aspect to be mentioned is that the minimum age to be able to work and have an individual employment contract is 16 years, as provided in the Labor Code. An individual employment contract can also be concluded for people who are 15 years old, but only with the consent of their parents and only if the work performed does not endanger their health and professional development.

Leads and business opportunities in Romania - November 2014


Leads and business opportunities in Romania November 2014 - become a member of the chamber and receive them every month and create the possibility to ask for contact data in order to accelerate your business. Download the leads in the attached pdf file please.

Our subvention and grant services in romania


Each year the amount of grants made by corporations, foundations, and government agencies increases in Romania. Organizations that do not have enough funding in place to hire more staff and set up an office for the express purpose of writing and managing grants can benefit immeasurably from the services of our grant or subvention file consultants.

We Host Your Company In Our Incubation Center


In the incubation center we build your business. We deliver a working company.

For more info mail to

I give some example:

If you want a transport company we create the company, get your transport license, immatriculate the trucks, hire the drivers, provide you with a coordinator of the transport (legally required) and we start your business. We hand it over after 5 of 10 trucks.

What we do


Presentation CIBR

We are a Belgian Romanian Real Estate Chamber. We have been created in 2006.

Our main scope is to develop business in Romania for our members and sponsors. We have a large network of experts and suppliers. We also have a “lobby” department for Romania and Belgium on national and provincial level. We are active in Romania and Belgium and we help Romanian and Belgian investors.

We have offices in Gent ,Belgium and Buzau, Romania were we created a business center for starting businesses (incubation center).