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Leads and business opportunities in Romania - November 2014


Leads and business opportunities in Romania November 2014 - become a member of the chamber and receive them every month and create the possibility to ask for contact data in order to accelerate your business. Download the leads in the attached pdf file please.

What we do


Presentation CIBR

We are a Belgian Romanian Real Estate Chamber. We have been created in 2006.

Our main scope is to develop business in Romania for our members and sponsors. We have a large network of experts and suppliers. We also have a “lobby” department for Romania and Belgium on national and provincial level. We are active in Romania and Belgium and we help Romanian and Belgian investors.

We have offices in Gent ,Belgium and Buzau, Romania were we created a business center for starting businesses (incubation center).

How to acquire large surfaces of agricultural land in Romania



1/ Through a process called "comasare" in Romanian. It signifies the re- groupement (or consolidation) of many small plots of land into one larger surfaces.

2/ By purchase of land already consolidated. Real offers are rare, and more expensive when they exist. On the other hand, these properties can be purchased within a very short time frame (if and when real offers exist).