Company creation in romania made easy


With hundreds of companies established on behalf of our foreign clients, we offer the fastest and simplest option to set up Romanian companies at the lowest fees.

Moreover, such will be done by our professional lawyers, the only ones licensed in Romania to carry out a company formation. Your presence in Romania is not required.

We will draft all the necessary documentation, in bilingual Romanian-English so that you understand everything. You will only need to sign such documents  and soon your company will be up and running.

We also offer all-inclusive services for the management of the company, such as company address rental, accounting, legal services and many more.

Company Formation Package include:

• Reservation of the company's name;
• Drafting of the Articles of Association and statements of the shareholders and directors;
• Submitting the share capital to a chosen bank;
• Filling the necessary application and submitting it to the Local Trade Register in the presence of the deputy judge;
• Undertaking the Certificate of Incorporation and the VAT number;
• Our  firm can provide you with a registered office;
• Following the company formation Romania process, we will take all the necessary steps with Romanian authorities in order to obtain the mandatory legal documents or authorizations;
• Bank account introduction for opening of an account with internet banking and debit card.

It can't get simpler than that.


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