VCST Automotive Production to inaugurate EUR 30 mln factory in Alba Iulia, Romania


VCST Automotive Production has officially inaugurate its EUR 30 million factory in Alba Iulia, Alba county, on July 8. the factory, which currently has 77 employees, will hire up to 200 people by 2014. VCST produces gears for Paccar/DAF, Perkins/Caterpillar, Ford, GM/TKP and VW in its Romanian factory, for which the investment decision was made in 2011. The Belgian company VCST was founded in 1972, as part of the Volvo group. It currently runs factories in Belgium, Germany, Mexico and China, and has 1,100 employees, and a sales level of EUR 145 million in 2012.

How to acquire large surfaces of agricultural land in Romania



1/ Through a process called "comasare" in Romanian. It signifies the re- groupement (or consolidation) of many small plots of land into one larger surfaces.

2/ By purchase of land already consolidated. Real offers are rare, and more expensive when they exist. On the other hand, these properties can be purchased within a very short time frame (if and when real offers exist).

Agriculture land romania 1000 hectare, 2000 hectare - 4600 hectare in Calarasi, 7427 hectare in Olt and 2959 hectare in Tulcea


Concessions with agricultural land for sale in Romania up to 49 years
625. some 4600 hectare compact 100%, cernozium class 1, irrigation - looking for a joint venture in the field of rebewable energy or any other proposition
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