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  1. Salary survey ICT Romania
  2. Employ engineers and ICT people from Romania via the recruitment factory – flat fee per month in our business and incubation centers or employ them directly in the UAE
  3. Engineers in and from Romania situational survey for the recruitment of engineers
  4. Our services for offices and company creation in our incubation centers
  5. Our recruitment services


1.     Salary survey ICT Romania

As one of the fastest-growing Information Technology (IT) locations in Central and Eastern Europe, Romania has made considerable progress within the Information and Communications Technology (ITC) sector.

Over the past 15 years, Romania’s ITC industry has become deregulated, modernized and expanded to make it an attractive location for IT recruitment and IT staffing.


  • Over 95,000 IT&C specialists at national level
  • Technical education includes 5 top polytechnic universities, 59 domain-specific universities, 174 private colleges
  • Romanian universities have been Top 3 in the IEEE Design Competition every year since 2001
  • Romania has more Informatics and Math Olympiad medals than any other European nation, and is 3rd globally after Russia (URSS) and China
  • The number of engineers per capita is greater than the US, India, China, or Russia
  • Top 10 globally in the number of certified IT specialists
  • Almost 90% of IT professionals speak English















Students - 55.700

Students - 55.500

Students - 39.000

Students - 46.000

Students - 22.000

Students - 222.000

IT&C Grads - 1.750

IT&C Grads - 2.004

IT&C Grads - 1.118

IT&C Grads – 493

IT&C Grads - 461

IT&C Grads - 2.004


27% of IT bachelor & master students start obtaining technical certifications while in college.

Salaries in Bucharest (Euro, net monthly sums)

Project Manager - 1.700 - 2.000 Euro

IT Manager - 2.100 - 2.700 Euro



Quality Assurance


Software Developer


Network Administrator

Junior 400-500 Euro

Junior 450-1000 Euro

Junior 450-750 Euro

Middle 650-800 Euro

Middle 1100-1700 Euro

Middle 800-1200 Euro

Senior 1200-1500 Euro

Senior 1850-2500 Euro

Senior 1300-1800 Euro


The development of the IT sector in Romania is encouraged through exemption from the income tax of 16% of the IT employees who wished a long-term IT academic specializations approved by the Government.



- 11% of the persons working on IT positions are receiving their entire salary through a self employed contract

 - 75% are registered as employees of the companies where they are working

 - 14% are receiving their salary through both an employment contract and a self employed person contract


Most frequent benefits offered by IT employers in Bucharest

78% of IT employers offer Meal Vouchers

78% of employers offer Refreshments

72% of IT employers offer Private

72% of IT employers offer Private Healthcare

43% of IT employers offer Assistance in Education

42% of IT employers offer Laptop

40% of IT employers offer Sport activities

37% of IT employees offer Work from home days




Flexibility: A variety of incentives built into the contract, flex-time, the number of hours worked per week, and allowing for other personal circumstances can be strong selling points.

Physical Working Environment: Are there shuttle buses or transportation incentives? What other facilities, including break rooms does the company provide?

Brand Reputation: Does the company have a strong reputation both on social media and web? Candidates pay a great attention to a company’s reputation, accomplishments etc.

Company Culture: Some aspects that are considered to be a plus include: transparency, sincerity, and open adult communication in interpersonal relationships.

Size of the IT department: The greater the size of the IT department and areas of specialties, the greater the attraction for a potential employee to apply.




  • Communication skills vs Technical skills: By focusing on evaluating a potential new hire’s technical skills rather than their communication skills, you will probably hit the mark in your hiring evaluation. Many Romanians in programmer jobs are strong in written communication and will pick up better verbal communication cues from their co-workers over time.
  • Technical Experience: If you focus on formal school or diplomas as a basis for experience, you might not see the technical skill set that has been put together in the workplace over time by these potential great IT candidates. You will likely be successful if you emphasize referrals and a display of prior knowledge via either a portfolio or summary.
  • New Technologies: Many of those following an IT career path in Romania are interested in learning and adding new technologies to their skill sets. Evaluating their potential as someone who is trainable in a company setting can net you a strong hire over time.




  1. —  Building & implementing strategies addressing undergrad students, as they start working on full time positions or internships during college.
  2. —  Investing in the well being of employees and a great work environment.
  3. —  Offering trainings / support for technical certifications.
  4. —  Defining and implementing clear and constant employer branding strategies, based on genuine Employer Value Propositions.
  5. —  Advertising the technically challenging projects or top notch technologies is an increasing trend.
  6. —  Actively approaching potential candidates instead of waiting for them to apply to jobs.


2.     Employ engineers and ICT people in Romania via the recruitment factory with a flat fee per month in our business and incubation centers or employ them directly in the UAE


If you want we employee people for you without having a Romanian company:




  1. We discuss in general with the potential client - intake
  2. We make a profile in detail with the client
  3. We recruit the profile
  4. The selected candidate has to do some tests and interviews with the client
  5. We hire the selected candidate
  6. The client pays a monthly flat fee to us
  7. We supervise and coach the selected candidate who is managed by the client


In order not to have any confusion this is not interim. The selected candidates work in Romania under the management of the client while we employ them in our businesss and incubation centers.

When they leave Romania, for maximum 60 days, they get a daily allowance established with the client and legally supported by the Romanian law in function on the daily allowances in Europe and outside of Europe.

You can find info on company creation and assistance for startup and recruitment on:


3.     Engineers in and from Romania a situational survey for the recruitment of engineers

The main industries or specialisms were we recruit engineers are:

  • Airports: Typical projects involve modifying existing airports, including the runways and taxiways (‘airside infrastructure’), maintenance and cargo facilities (‘airside support services’), and terminal buildings.
  • Bridges: Engineers need a strong understanding of structural engineering and the ability to work closely with highways, geotechnical, railway and environmental engineers. In addition to contractors and consultants, specialist structural organizations are involved in the superstructure design. Geotechnical engineers advise on the substructure and foundations. Specialist subcontractors and suppliers focus on areas such as bearings or post-tensioning. Typical clients include the Highways Agency, Network Rail and local authorities.
  • Buildings: Sustainability is often a key consideration. Civil engineers work with building services engineers and other specialists to ensure buildings are designed with climate change in mind and to meet ever-evolving regulations.
  • Coastal and marine: Projects focus on protecting coastal communities against rising sea levels and erosion using sea defenses – both hard defenses, constructed from concrete, for example, and soft defenses, which involve man-made or reconstructed beaches. Engineers may also be involved in building and maintaining ports, offshore wind farms and structures to harness tidal energy.
  • Energy and power: Engineers design and build the infrastructure needed to create energy. Graduates could work on projects such as the designs for an offshore wind facility, the maintenance of an oil platform or the decommissioning of an old nuclear power plant.
  • Environmental: Engineers can become environmental consultants, a role in which they will ascertain and then reduce the impacts of a proposed project on the environment. They can specialize in specific areas, such as flood risk.
  • Geotechnical: In this specialist area, engineers are responsible for the foundations of structures. They assess field data about the ground, soil, rock and boreholes, and find ways to make sure that foundations or slopes are safe and stable. They could specialize in completing site investigations, designing foundations or overseeing the on-site construction work. Specialist postgraduate study is often advantageous.
  • Highways: This job involves overseeing temporary works and permanent works and finding ways to ease traffic congestion, lessen environmental impact and improve road safety.
  • Offshore: This sector is concerned with the safe and profitable development of hydrocarbon resources. Engineers undertake the design and installation of oil production platforms, sub-sea structures, pipelines, permanent and temporary anchorages, and assessments of seabed stability. This can involve conceptual and feasibility studies, site assessments, design of foundations and structures, installation supervision and operational management. Projects can be in isolated locations.
  • Rail: Engineers use their technical knowledge to design, build and maintain the railway system’s infrastructure, including tracks, earthworks and drainage, and telecoms and power. Cost is a particular consideration for engineers in this sector.
  • Tunneling: This area chiefly calls on specialist structural and geotechnical knowledge but can also involve many elements of underground engineering – rock tunnels, shafts, caverns and stations, for example, may come under the remit of a tunneling engineer. Engineers also take decisions on a project’s viability in terms of safety, location and cost, and ensure it has a limited impact on the environment and any buildings nearby.
  • Water and public health: The ultimate objective of these projects is to provide clean drinking water and treat wastewater. Engineers might be involved in implementing sustainable water drainage systems, creating energy-efficient treatment plants or improving infrastructure to prevent urban flooding.


Look at : and mail

4.     Our  services for offices and company creation in our incubation centers

Our business incubators serve as a launching platform for young and small businesses. We create your company and build your business on a tailor made time frame with little or a lot of involvement from our expert teams. If required we will do the entire start-up phase for you and then teach you how to run the business and keep supporting you in the next phases of your growth cycle.

We offer everything from virtual support, rent-a-desk, secretary support through “plug & play” tailor build companies (e.g. transport companies with trucks, drivers and a transport license) and everything in between for different sectors. We provides a nurturing, instructive and supportive environment for entrepreneurs during the critical stages of starting up a new business. The goal of our business incubators is to increase the chance that a start-up will succeed, shorten the start-up period and reduce the cost of establishing and growing its business.


What are the benefits of being part of a our business incubator?

  • Minimal start-up costs: we offer competitive ‘rental' rates, which assist with minimizing costs so that you can focus more on developing your business rather than worrying about paying the next big bill.
  • The executive director, program managers, support staff and other consultants provide ongoing assistance to the incubator.
  • Secretary services with experience in start-ups and your sectorial business.
  • Instant peer support and networking opportunities created with other small business owners and managers.
  • Shared administration facilities and meeting rooms & training rooms.
  • Start-up with well-defined deliverables in the time frame that we agree with clients.
  • Shared-use spaces: reception and product display area, conference rooms in each building; training rooms and central office services: up to 2 or 4 hours per day.
  • Facilitation for your recruitment: we recruit the personal and experts needed for a quick start.
  • The experts in our business incubator handle the local government and license and permit issues. You can relax. We will accelerate and facilitate the time consuming files and we always get what you need.
  •  And last but not least we provide with a secure environment in offices were the employees can enjoy the working day.


5.     Our recruitment services


We offer complete solutions within recruitment were advertisement, networking, and databases search are included. We differentiate by offering search as a natural part and complement of the recruitment process. This will give the full picture of the candidates that are available on the market and we will select the best candidates for the assignment. We assign our experienced recruitment consultants to clients according to the number of positions which need to be filled. If requested, these consultants will take over the entire recruitment process, including interviews and candidate selection, advising respective departments and drafting contracts. If needed we hire the candidates for our clients and register the labor contracts.


Executive search and middle management

We are specialized in the recruitment of executives, management and specialists in engineering and sales. We implements demanding and interesting recruitment assignments for domestic and international companies. We work with targeted direct search in the market, including executive searches, handling advertisements and recruitment processes.


Employees and workers

We help companies to find workers and employees on a tailor made basis. Our “organized recruitment” of workers and employee is a system of recruiting unskilled and skilled labor for industry, construction, transportation and farming. Recruiting the best employees for your organization is an ongoing challenge for every manager, supervisor and human resources professional. If you're looking for solid, proven best practices and up-to-the-minute ideas in recruitment, interviewing and selection, you've found the right partner in recruitment. Our approach is tailor made and we provide you with workers and employees that will fit in your organization with the defined skills and experience.


Here is what we offer:


  • Analyzing your business strategy and personnel requirement.
  • Evaluating employee qualifications.
  • Identifying the skills and staff you’ll need today and in the future.
  • Designing a recruitment strategy around your business goals.
  • Implement national and international recruitment programs.
  • Integrated management of all channels in order to find the right candidates.
  • Assessments using a wide range of recruitment procedures and skill profiles.