our offer for outsourcing of a company process in Romania


Having the best people is the key to achieving competitive advantageIf you don’t hire the best people, your competitors will. We commit in finding the best people for you and to move your business process to Romania and to make it work. We stay on board and we make it work as we committed from the start. We literally move a piece of your company to a near shore destination: Romania


What can be part of an outsourcing project in Romania ?

You can outsource a business process, administrative processes, application development and maintenance, part of a back office, a service center, part of an accountancy, technical support etc…You name it and we will write a trajectory for you.

What are the application domains in an outsourcing project in Romania?

We see today that there is growing non it-business that is busy with outsourcing: design, marketing and advertising, front- and back-office support centers, health care, pharma research, manufacturing, utilities, etc…

What can we do for you ?

We take the responsibility for the complete outsourcing project in Romania and deliver a working unit. We commit to your success and the deliverables are functional and operational units – ready to be used. You can work with a company that we create and host for you or we employ the people for you and you do not have the burden of a Romanian company.

We offer complete recruitment solutions for our clients when we execute your outsourcing project on interim basis in Romania

  • Highly experienced local researchers and consultants with a strong knowledge and understanding of the local market
  • Ability to guide and advise candidates throughout the entire recruitment process
  • Complete Personality and role profiling by using the industry's best tools and methodologies
  • We commit to success and the deliverables are functional units ready to use


Outsourcing in Romania - your advantage:

  • We define a specific outsourcing project with our clients and execute this and we stay on board until it works  we commit to success. If needed we create and host a company in our business and incubation centers in Romania (trajectory 01) .



  • If you want, we employee experts, ict experts, back office personal, secretaries, engineers etc… for you so you do not need to create a Romanian company and have the burdens and administration  (trajectory 02) and we make a service contract on the basis of deliverables. The people work in Romania and stay in Romania. 


We customize the services that we deliver to meet the very specific needs of our customers and ensemble various services into helpful and cost effective solutions.

You can benefit from:

-       Sales back office

-       Customer service center

-       ICT service center

-       Engineering center

-       Design and drawing

-       Marketing center

Adapting to the methods and tools proposed by our clients, we create tailored environments that are a best fit for the needs for each project. Committed to deliver value, we give our best to provide results that meet the quality, time, scope and requirements of our clients.

We act with a mandate as interim manager for the companies that we created directly for the company or we work with recruitment companies in our network.


For more information: frajacobs@telenet.be