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In the incubation center we build your business. We deliver a working company.

For more info mail to cibr@telenet.be

I give some example:

If you want a transport company we create the company, get your transport license, immatriculate the trucks, hire the drivers, provide you with a coordinator of the transport (legally required) and we start your business. We hand it over after 5 of 10 trucks.

We do for several sectors: metal, construction, transport, production, agriculture, automotive, etc... on a tailor made basis.

Buzau a central location. The city of Buzău (Romanian pronunciation: [buˈzəw]) is the county seat of Buzău County, Romania, in the historical region of Wallachia. It lies near the right bank of the Buzău River, between the south-eastern curvature of the Carpathian Mountains and the lowlands of Bărăgan Plain. It is close to the capital Bucharest (120 km) and close to the Black Sea and Brasov, Pitesti and Ploiesti. Buzău is an important modern city in south-eastern Romania.

The province of Buzau, Romania and East Flanders, Belgium are "twins". Since 1995 there is a cooperation agreement between East- Flanders and the province of Buzau. The cooperation has been initiated by the Belgian Governor Herman Balthazar and later by governor  André Denys and from the Romanian side prefect Ion Vasile and the president of the county counsel Victor Mocanu .

There was an important collaboration with the hospital of Buzau and financial aid from the province of East- Flanders.

For this reason the Belgian Romanian Real Estate Chamber has an office in Buzau and not in Bucharest since 2006.

For this reason we have created the Belgian Romanian Business Center in Buzau in 2011 in Maracineni 5 km from the city center in Buzau. The center is a business center and incubation center for Belgian companies that want to develop activities in Romania. We thank the Romanian side for the support on this project. This project is very important in the framework of collaboration between the provinces. At this moment there are 6 companies present and two more will be registered before the summer of 2013.

We would like to thank the local authorities for the support that they give and will give to Belgian investors in order to have a fast company creation, registration of the office at anaf and for the support in obtaining the vat number and ROI certificates and registration of employees at the start-up of the company.

Freddy Jacobs

Data: 23 May 2013


President Belgian Romanian Real Estate Chamber

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