Thesan (Savio Group) realises 6 photovoltaic power plants in Romania, for a total value of more than 13 million Euros and a total power of 9 MWP


Completion of the acquisition and realisation of 6 power plants in Romania.
Total power of 9 MWp.
Operation’s total value of more than 13 million Euros.
After India, development of activities in Brazil.
18 december 2013 – Thesan S:p.A., a company operating worldwide within the renewable energy sector, has completed the acquisition and realisation of 6 power plants in Romania, each of them having a power ranging between 1 MWp and 2.5 MWp. The total value of the operation is more than 13 million euros.

The first of these plants, installed in the South-western area of Bucarest and having a power of more than 2 Mwp, is already working and obtained the accreditation by the Romanian energetic authority for the grant of green certificates. Its realisation has been financed by the Banca Italo Rumena S.p.A. (Veneto Banca Group).The other 5 projects are either ongoing or have already been completed, connected to the mains electricity and their accreditation is pending. For those plants, also, the process to obtain financing has already started.

“These important projects in Romania have to be added to the 10 projects having already  been completed in Italy in 2012, which certainly confirm our international dimension. Thesan is an Italian company significantly growing not only in Italy, but also in India and very soon in Brazil, with the target of developing the South American market’, states Mr  Aimone Balbo, CEO of  Savio Group.

“Our strengths have to be found in the innovation, both through the constant investment in research and development, and in our modus operandi as builders and investors of photovoltaic power plants both for our portfolio and for third parties’, comments Pierluigi Borgogna, Responsible for  Thesan’s  Renewable Energy Division.

The operation mainly involves Italian ‘actors’, in fact, together with Thesan S.p.A, which has supplied all the mounting structures for the construction of the power plant, and the Banca Italo Rumena, financier of the project, there was the collaboration of Progetti International S.p.A. (Merloni Group), Power One Italy S.p.A. and other Italian contractors, all engaged in the realisation of the plants.

Thesan S.p.A. has been legally assisted by the international solicitors group DLA Piper, who have supported Thesan in all the phases of the project, starting from the project acquisition, going on to the construction phase and the financing of the plants.

Thesan is a company operating worldwide offering the market innovative solutions within the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector. Thesan is part of Savio Group, one of the world leaders in the field of products for aluminium window frames and an international player both within the the renewable energy field and within the energy efficiency sector through Thesan. In 2012, SAVIO reached a turnover of 85 million Euros, with a territorial distribution of 75% in Europe and 25% in China and USA. The group employs over 450 people and outlines research, development and its know how as an asset of primary importance with more than 150 patents worldwide and a total investment in R&D of more than 4 million Euros in 2012. SAVIO is a completely Italian company that is developing worldwide with a presence in more than 60 countries and with more than 600 distribution centres.


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