How Foreign Citizens Can Set Up an LLC in ROMANIA


Are you a non-resident in Romania looking to establish a business but the PFA legal form does not meet your needs? Consider setting up an LLC. Here are the requirements for opening an LLC as a foreign citizen.

Can foreigners start a business in Romania?

As long as you have a good idea and plan, you can start a business in Romania regardless of your citizenship. You just need to determine the appropriate legal form and follow the establishment procedure.

Why start a business in Romania?

There are many benefits for non-residents, such as a more attractive tax system compared to Western Europe, lower salaries for potential virtual or physical assistants, and a low tax rate of 1% for micro-enterprises.

Why choose an LLC?

 If you want to take your business to the next level, an LLC (limited liability company) may be the best option. Here's why: no expertise is required to establish an SRL, both Romanian and foreign citizens (from EU and non-EU countries) can set it up, it allows for multiple CAEN codes, and you can have more employees.

Conditions for establishing an LLC as a foreign citizen:

 You can start an SRL in Romania as a non-resident according to art. 3 of GEO 44/2008. You just need to meet the following requirements: be over 18, have no history of violating financial laws, and have a registered office.

How to establish an LLC as a foreign citizen:

The procedure is the same as for Romanian citizens. As the legal representative, you need to have a registered office in Romania, request registration and authorization of operation, choose CAEN codes, and select a company name.

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