Construct plus 2024 financing program Romania


The Construct Plus 2024 program marks a crucial stage in the evolution of the construction sector in Romania, offering a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs. We will explore here the application period and eligibility criteria, key elements for accessing the funds.

The official application period for Construct Plus 2024 is February 15, 2024 – March 15, 2024, providing a 30-day window to submit applications.

To benefit from state aid through Construct Plus, investments must meet the following criteria:

How Foreign Citizens Can Set Up an LLC in ROMANIA


Are you a non-resident in Romania looking to establish a business but the PFA legal form does not meet your needs? Consider setting up an LLC. Here are the requirements for opening an LLC as a foreign citizen.

Can foreigners start a business in Romania?

As long as you have a good idea and plan, you can start a business in Romania regardless of your citizenship. You just need to determine the appropriate legal form and follow the establishment procedure.

Why start a business in Romania?

Exploring the Future: Romania's Revolutionary Tax Reforms for Businesses in 2024


In the coming year of 2024, significant modifications are set to take place regarding corporate taxation. Here are the primary alterations that will be implemented.

Conditions for inclusion as a micro-enterprise in Romania

The most important changes concern the classification of companies as micro-enterprises.

Inleiding tot Algemene Vergaderingen van Aandeelhouders (AVA) in Roemenië


De Algemene Vergaderingen van Aandeelhouders (AVA) vormen een cruciale pijler in de bedrijfsstructuur van een Roemeense S.A. (Societate pe Actiuni). Deze vergaderingen bieden een platform waarop aandeelhouders hun invloed op de bedrijfsvoering kunnen uitoefenen. In deze uitgebreide handleiding nemen we een diepgaande duik in de regels, procedures en juridische raamwerken die de organisatie en het verloop van deze AVA's bepalen.

1. Van toepassing zijnde regelgeving

Business Center in Romania


Flexibility and Success: Unleashing Entrepreneurial Potential through Our Business Center in Romania

Our Business Center situated in Romania is the perfect option for entrepreneurs and organizations looking for temporary office solutions. With almost two decades of experience and a commitment to providing exceptional service, we are the ideal choice for businesses of all types and sizes.

Advantages of Utilizing Our Business Center in Romania

Recruiting and hiring electricians in Romania: A Comprehensive Guide

Romania's electricians are a valuable asset to businesses seeking skilled professionals in various industries. These experts design, assemble, install, and maintain electrical systems and machinery in commercial, industrial, and domestic environments. With a wide range of sectors and specialties, Romanian electricians are well-equipped to handle diverse electrical challenges. This article delves into the benefits of recruiting electricians in Romania, the various sectors, and the recruitment process.

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Employee disciplinary commission in Romania and sanctions in Romania


Disciplinary misconduct is an act related to work, consisting of an action or inaction committed by the employee. This violated legal norms or internal regulations, the provisions of the individual employment contract, the applicable collective labor agreement, the orders and legal provisions of the hierarchical leaders.

The disciplinary sanctions applicable to employees are described in Article 248 of the Labor Code, namely:


Recruiting Engineers in Romania: A Comprehensive Guide

Romania is emerging as a hub for engineering talent, with an increasing number of companies looking to tap into the country's vast pool of skilled engineers and technicians. Whether you're a business seeking experienced professionals or an engineer in search of new opportunities, Romania may just be the perfect destination. This article explores the benefits of recruiting engineers in Romania, the various engineering sectors, and the recruitment process.

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Near shoring in construction design sector Romania


Near shoring in construction design sector Romania