ROCONSTRUCT: Report construction sector and outsourcing in Romania


Nr. 03/2013  August

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1.      Belgian business  & incubation center in Romania for starters

2.      Market intelligence and news on construction

3.      How to employ Romanian workers and earn money in a legal way

4.      How to create a Romanian Company

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1.     Business & incubation centre in Romania     

We have several business centers at your disposal. We own, rent or do the exploitation of the business centers that we have in our portfolio. If needed we will look for a tailor made solution for your specific business. We offers all you need for conducting your business in a modern, pleasant and cosy environment open office or classical offices.

We combine the business centers with incubation services.  Our business incubators serve as a launching pad for young and small businesses.  Start-ups, which are dynamic entities need support and our incubators are providing this support. We build your business on a tailor made time frame with little or a lot of involvement from our expert teams. If required we will do the entire start-up phase for you and then teach you how to  run the business and keep supporting you in the next phases of your growth cycle. Our business incubation provide SMEs and start-ups with the “nurturing” environment needed to develop and grow their businesses. We offer everything from virtual support, rent-a-desk, secretary support through “plug & play” tailor build companies ( e.g. transport companies with trucks, drivers and a transport license) and everything in between for different sectors.

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