invest romania

Gallery of the seminar in Brussels on 24 March 2009


More then 200 people came to Brussels to learn about Structural Funds in Romania. The pictures are in the attachment.

Breakfast meeting invest romania and bulgaria - brussels export 2008


Brussels export held a breakfast session on investment opportunities in Romania and Bulgaria. Your chamber was invited as a guest speaker. We discussed funding opportunities under different programms launched in 2008.

Seminar Ukraine - Romania - Hungary - Carpatic region 2008


The chamber of commerce, Voka, Gent, Belgium organized a seminar on the carpatic region. Cibr presented Romania.

Gallery and Pictures: seminar outsourcing ICT romania and subventions for ICT 2008


At the seminar Siveco Romania received the "proud membership plaque" as a distinction for sending a key note speaker to this event. Click on read more to see the pictures of this Event. The event was organized by CIBR and ING bank with the support of the Romanian embassy.

Pictures seminar structural funds Romania in Brussels 2008


Pictures seminar structural funds Brussels. More then 200 investors attended the seminar.

Report Seminar Structural Funds Romania Gent 2008, Belgium


Report on the seminar on structural funds and methods to access them in Gent on 15 february 2008. We had mixed seminar with Belgian and Romanian participants. We have explained the main programms and we explained in detail how to handle the financing part and how to write a business plan.

Mega event in Bucharest on 28 september 2007 with UNPR transport and infrastructure in Romania


UNPR - SME UNION organized a seminar around the romanian transport and infrasturcture in Bucuresti on 28 september. This seminar was held with around 200 participants from government and industry. The president of CIBR was a key note speaker at this seminar.

Investment in real estate in Romania - Agriflanders Belgium


CIBR supported a top event in Brussels on 1 march 2007. More then 300 companies subscribed to learn about structural funds and structural instruments in Romania.

How to acquire large surfaces of agricultural land in Romania



1/ Through a process called "comasare" in Romanian. It signifies the re- groupement (or consolidation) of many small plots of land into one larger surfaces.

2/ By purchase of land already consolidated. Real offers are rare, and more expensive when they exist. On the other hand, these properties can be purchased within a very short time frame (if and when real offers exist).