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New provisions regarding tax exemptions on reinvested profit


New provisions regarding tax exemptions on reinvested profit

The Romanian Government has adopted Emergency Ordinance No. 19/2014 amending the Fiscal Code to introduce corporate tax exemptions for profit reinvested as of 1 July 2014.

The new tax exemption applies to profits reinvested in new technical equipment (as described in Group 2.1 of the Catalogue containing the classification and the normal useful lives of fixed assets) used for business purposes that was produced and/or purchased after 1 July 2014 and becomes operational by 31 December 2016.

Company formation in romania public limited company (SA)


Creation of a public limited company (SA) in Romania (societate pe actiuni in romania )

If you invest in Romania, then the limited company is one the options. A joint stock corporation is normally recognized by the use of the words limited incorporated or corporation in its name (Societate pe Actiuni, S.A).

The creation of a public company requires a minimum capital of the Romanian equivalent of 90000 RON. At the day of the creation at least 30% of the social capital is paid and if it is a creation by public subscription then this percentage increased to 50%.



Company creation in Romania

Opening an operation in a new market is generally the most costly and time-consuming way to enter it, but the rewards and benefits can be great. There are important legal and financial implications involved in setting up a business or investment in Romania. You should take advice from our accountants or business advisers and lawyers.

There are three ways to open an overseas operation in Romania:



Business centers in Romania

We have several business centers at your disposal. We own or rent and do the exploitation of the business centers that we have in our portfolio. If needed we will look for a tailor made solution for your specific business and investment in Romania. We offer all that you need in order to conduct your business in a modern, pleasant and productive environment in open offices or classical offices.