supporting investments to increase competitiveness through provision of farm machinery and equipment performance in relation to current agricultural structure and farm modernization investments (especially medium and associations of small and medium farms) and improve the quality of fixed assets.



}  Improving the management of the farm.

}  Market orientation of small farms.



}  FARMERS who own and / or use a farm classified as small farm;

* The size of a small firm is between 8000-11999 SO (standard output value)



}  The applicant must qualify for micro and small enterprises.

}  The applicant has a farm with 8,000 to 11,999 economic SO;

}  The holding is registered (according to national law) with at least 24 months before seeking help;

}  The applicant shall submit a business plan for the development of agricultural activities on the farm;

}  The applicant has a permanent residence in one of UAT territory that is holding;

}  The applicant shall demonstrate, before the second installment payment, performance improvement economic holding their production marketed by the minimum percentage of 20% of amount of the first installment payment;

}  The applicant does not have another job outside UAT in which is located holding, or the surrounding areas ;

}  The applicant has not previously received support through sub-measure;

}  A farm may receive support only once in this sub-measures (in meaning that the farm cannot be transferred between two or more beneficiaries support farmers by this sub-measure);

}  If livestock enterprises, business plan will cover mandatory minimum facilities manure management, according to environmental standards (check in Year 3 of the contract);

}  If fruit growers, will be considered for support only the UAT listed in Annex II of the Sub-Programme orchards


Financial support is up to 15,000 Euro for a farm and will be awarded on a 5 years as a premium in 2 installments, as follows:

  1. First installment: 75% of the amount of support receiving funding decisions;
  2. Second installment: 25% of the amount of support within 3 years of receiving funding decision;

The second installment shall be granted only if it finds that it was properly implemented PA till that moment.

Implementing the Business Plan must begin no later than 9 months from the date of adoption Decision aid.


a)    Support is granted for small farm to ensure improvement in economic activity and its environment, according to the proposed activities Business Plan (PA).

b)    All expenditure proposed by PA, including working capital and for the relevant activities smooth implementation of approved PA may be eligible. PA content (minimum elements) is:

Ø  initial economic situation of the farm

Ø  stages and objectives for the development of farm

Ø  details of actions



}  level qualification in agriculture (depending on level of education and / or qualification in agriculture);

}  family farms;

}  priority sector covering livestock (cattle, beekeeping, sheep and goats) and plant (farming, including the production of seedlings, fruit and seed production);

}  agricultural potential targeting potential areas determined based studies.

                }  breeds / varieties native.


For agricultural land use, lease contract / assignment must be completed for a minimum of ten years.

Failure to observe business plan on the first three years, the first installment shall be recovered, proportionate to the objectives unrealized.

Beneficiaries cannot use the possibility to combine different measures in the Business Plan.

Failure to observe business plan first three years, the first installment shall be recovered, proportionate to the objectives unrealized.