83% of employers affected by talent shortages in Belgium – comments and solutions


We will briefly look at some findings around shortage of skilled labour force and engineers in Belgium and then discuss some solutions.

The facts

Robert Walters recently surveyed over 100 companies in Belgium to research the effect of both a candidate short market and the strategies businesses employ to manage them. According to this survey, an overwhelming 83% of employers in Belgium, regardless of company size, have experienced challenges when recruiting suitably qualified candidates.

Een bedrijf oprichten in Roemenie en fiscale holdingstructuren in Roemenie

Voor bijkomend advies en info mail: frjacobs@telenet.be
Wij constateren  dat steeds meer ondernemingen kiezen voor de oprichting van een onderneming of dochteronderneming in het buitenland. Door de lage oprichtingskosten, snelle oprichtingsduur in combinatie met de beperkte aansprakelijkheid en lage belastingdruk  is  de Roemeense limited (srl) erg populair.


Happy New Year! 2016 starts with tax cuts in Romania


The new year will bring three important tax cuts in Romania. Not only the VAT rate will be lower starting January 1, 2016, but also the tax on dividends and the tax on small companies’ revenues. The New Year has brought several tax cuts in Romania benefiting consumers, small firms as well as those who receive dividends, according to local media reports.

Exposition and vernissage with live music


Mikhail Bezverkhni - Jaco - Bebe


Vrijdag 19 februari van 10 am tot 19 pm

Zaterdag 20 februari van 10 am tot 19 pm Mezzo klassieke muziek cello en piano door Zhaina Kydyrova en Anastasia Kozhushko 20 pm

Zondag 21 februari van 10 am tot 19 pm - concert Mikhail Bezverkhni - viool 17 pm


Jaco - surrealist acryl - Bebe - surrealist bronze


Vrijdag 26 februari van 10 am tot 19 pm

Zaterdag 27 februari van10 am tot 19 pm

Invitation for a personal meeting in gent to discuss business and cooperation possibilities in Romania with the president of CIBR


“We celebrate 10 years of CIBR in three weekends in Gent, Belgium –on  Friday – Saturday and Sunday in combination with an exposition of Belgian and Romanian artists and musicians in the historical city of Gent in Belgium.”

We invite you for a personal meet and greet and business discussion with the president of the Belgian Romanian Chamber in Gent, Belgium – “kelders hof Ryhove” , Onderstraat 22 , Gent, Belgium.