recruiting engineers in romania for romania and europe


At EU level, the number of job vacancies is constantly increasing. With the recovery of the economy, there has been a steady increase in the vacancy rate in the European Union, with a different dynamic, however, in the Member States.

Professionals are a long-term investment

A long-term trend of increasing the use of capital can be seen from this perspective:

• companies equip their workers much better, so as to increase the productivity of labor, thus capital investments and labor complement each other, increasing the qualification and welfare of the workers.

Why engineers from Romania?

The engineers are again in great search on the Romanian labor market. In addition to computer scientists, companies offer jobs for mechanical engineers, construction engineers or energy engineers.

Why engineers in Romania? Because they are well trained, true professionals, they have a low rate of resignations and extremely dedication.

Is it worth investing in human capital?

Therefore, the final question would be: «is it worth investing in human capital, hiring professionals? », A person will be responsible according to the relation between the present cost of the investment and the present value of the future gains generated by the improvement of human capital. It is worth it if the present value of the future earnings stream is greater than the cost of the investment. The reality confirms a positive relation between the level of the gains obtained from the work and the degree of professional training.

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