Developing countries tend to attract prospective companies with offers of tax breaks, or they could receive subsidies or other incentives to set up a green-field investment. While these concessions may result in lower corporate tax revenues for the foreign community in the short run, the economic benefits and the enhancement of local human capital can deliver positive returns for the host nation over the long term.

We can help you as a parent company to  creates a new operation in Romania from the ground up.

In recent years the Romanian market has become increasingly interesting for companies that are relocating. Firms seeks to build service centers or production plants on a market directly connected to Western Europe, which possesses highly skilled and affordable workforce. We assist companies in the first steps of activity and we build long-term partnerships that consistently improve our partners’ performance. On matters on which we lack competence we always recommend the best.

We can help you with:

  • An analysis of the local markets and the locations considered;
  • Advice on forming the core team;
  • Recruitment of core team members;
  • Core team coaching;
  • Specialized legal advice;
  • Company creation;
  • Obtaining the necessary permits;
  • You will focus exclusively on business decisions;
  • You build a healthy and stable grounds for your investment;
  • You have access to a network of potential partners;
  • You receive access to specialized managerial know-how;
  • You limit your investment risks.



 We are a team of specialists in the field of strategic management. In our relationships with our partners we act in their interest offering them the support to become a better version of themselves. Assuming they are committed to change, we want, we know, we can and we will make them act, as companies or individuals, at their maximum potential.

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