Agricultural consulting in Romania and land aquisition in Romania

The agricultural economy represents the foundation of the Romanian civilization, this being over the centuries the source of existence but also the instrument of progress on these places. In recent years, Romanian agriculture has experienced a spectacular economic evolution and a technological transformation benefiting from significant investments through the common agricultural policies of the EU.

We meet the consulting needs of farmers, our company has developed a package of services dedicated to them. Assistance services in relation to APIA or EAFRD, consultancy in the procedures for obtaining agricultural subsidies or in the management of lease contracts are just some of these services.

Our company provides complex consulting services to agricultural companies in order to:

- Establishment of the company;

- Acquisition of agricultural land;

- Obtaining agricultural subsidies per area unit or production unit;

- The management of property rights or lease contracts;

- Representation and assistance in the relationship with local town halls and administrative authorities;

- Management of delivery contracts, provision of agricultural services or agricultural insurance;

- Consulting in financing and agricultural loans;

The experience of our company recommends us in all procedures for the successful management of agricultural affairs, in aspects such as obtaining agricultural subsidies, management of lease contracts or delivery of agricultural products, in insurance, loans and agricultural financing.

We guarantee that large farmers as well as small traditional farmers will be equally satisfied.

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