Seminar: Investing, outsourcing and recruitment in Romania

Where: Tinnenpot hall courtyard, Tinnenpotstraat 21, 9000 Ghent

When: Sunday, February 5th OM 15h

Speaker: ir. Freddy Jacobs, president "Belgian Romanian Real Estate Chamber '

You will get answer on the following topics:

  • What should I do if I'm going to invest in Romania?
  • Can I apply for grants?
  • Where should I look?
  • How do I proceed?
  • How do I outsource products and services to Romania?
  • How do I recruit in Romania?

Registrations required: mail to  (name, organization, phone and e-mail and number of people)

This event is hosted door KEG - after the lecture you can visit the exhibition.

KEG brings the industry into contact with artists to promote creativity in companies.

If you want you can attend the vernissage with apero - concert with the family 11am on Sunday, February 5th at the same location.