Opening a transport company in Romania


If you want to start your own business you can open a freight company. In fact, due to e-commerce, the volume of transported goods has increased and, consequently, the spaces for new companies on the market.

Undoubtedly, those who work in this field must have extensive knowledge about this sector in order to act effectively and to offer customers advantageous solutions. However, knowledge is not the only requirement that must be met, especially for the law in force. In fact, those who want to open a freight transport company must submit an application for a transport license from the Romanian Road Authority. Our company will obtain a transport license and compliant copies for you!

Of course, these obligations are in addition to those of the normal bureaucracy in business. In order to open a freight company, you must submit the documents for setting up the company to the National Office of the Trade Register and request the assignment of the VAT number to the local tax agency. We will assist you in obtaining them!

At this stage it is advisable to use the services of our company in order to have you with the establishment of the company and with obtaining the necessary approvals to carry out your activity in accordance with the law. Once the bureaucratic procedures have been completed, the company can start its activity.

We must not forget that if you have more means of transport, you need something personal. You need to hire professional drivers, as well as employees to deal with the logistics sector and the commercial part. You need collaborators, because you can't take care of everything yourself. You better focus on the management activities offered by our company and staff coordination, so you will always have in mind the current situation of the company and you will be able to make the best decisions.

It is also essential, as required by law, to conclude employment contracts for employees and, at the same time, to pay social security contributions. The staff must have an optimal size for the number of trucks and the size of the company, because the speed of handling the goods and their delivery becomes very important for customer satisfaction.

Leave in our care the establishment of the company, obtaining licenses, recruiting drivers and concluding employment contracts, and you focus directly on transportation!

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